AV Alliance is hiring. Below you can find available jobs at AV Alliance.

As part of our ongoing joint sourcing initiative, AV Alliance is looking for temporary support. We are searching for an experienced sourcing expert.

The required sourcing expert should be familiar with global sourcing initiatives and should be available to support our project for a limited time period. The consultant role includes:

  1. Reviewing the sourcing opportunities for AVA
  2. Developing a range of possible joint sourcing approaches, including SWOT Analysis
  3. Developing one or several sourcing business cases
  4. Interviewing a number of suppliers and manufacturers to understand their willingness and readiness to support the participation in a joint AVA sourcing initiative
  5. Reviewing joint sourcing options with the AVA management and experts at the member companies
  6. Developing specifically a potential digital solution/approach to joint sourcing

Please contact afuchs (at) to apply.

Our members always offer a number of jobs and positions for different AV professionals and event managers/experts. Please visit the individual career portals of our members to find out more.