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AV Alliance launches used audiovisual gear platform


What happens when you bring 71 audiovisual companies and the latest in event technology together? As a result of our constant drive to engage the latest in technology our member companies can offer a lot of used AV gear for sale. With investment cycles becoming shorter and shorter, the purchase frequencies of our members have increased. As a consequency we are able to sell a large amount of well-maintained audiovisual equipment. During 2018, AV Alliance decided to create a single platform for the 71-member AV companies around the world to facilitate AV gear sales between the members. Alexander Fuchs, GM of AV Alliance, comments: “We decided to take the platform public to give our members a broader sales reach. Members still have the option of selling internally (to other members of AV Alliance only) or to the public. One of the biggest advantages for any buyer of used audiovisual equipment is the fact that our members sell AV equipment, which has been regularly serviced and is typically very well maintained”. The platform launched with over 110 different audiovisual product types online. The AV gear for sale covers items from the following audiovisual product categories: Lighting, Video, LED and LED walls, projectors, sound, speakers, audio consoles, microphones etc. Visit for more information.