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AV Alliance welcomes Stagevision in Canada to our global network of premium AV rental and production companies


Stagevision is the largest privately-owned audio-visual staging company in Canada. They opened their doors in 1984 and have grown to over 140 employees with four operating divisions, the core Staging and Event Division, Stagevision Rentals (in-house hotel AV Division), Stagevision Set Design and the latest acquisition, LMB, simultaneous interpretation services.

Stagevision has built its reputation in Canada for technical expertise, customer service and flawless execution. That focus has led to long standing clients, from production and event-management companies to direct end-clients, many who have been clients for decades. Their experienced technicians have built careers with Stagevision, many for more than 20 years.

In 1995, Stagevision Rentals was founded to meet the daily hotel equipment rental needs. Stagevision is now the in-house AV supplier at 40 hotels across Canada.

Stagevision Set Design was established with the sole focus on the design and construction of custom stages and backdrops. This capability facilitates total creative, cost and production control of major staging elements, conveniently under one roof. Stagevision’s team of designers, carpenters and set dressers can consult, design, build, containerize, ship and set-up custom sets anywhere in the world. Many clients take advantage of their extensive inventory of generic set components.

As Canada is officially a bilingual country, many clients require simultaneous interpretation. Just last year, Stagevision acquired LMB, a market leader in this area.

Stagevision has had healthy and steady growth over the past 34 years. Their 40,000 square foot office, is located just outside of Toronto, 10 minutes from Canada’s busiest international airport. With offices in Vancouver and Montreal, Stagevision has a strong foothold in Canada’s three largest cities. You can find a detailed AV company profile here.