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disguise joins the AV Alliance as technology partner for the media server segment


We are excited to announce disguise have joined AV Alliance

disguise technology platform enables creative and technical professionals to imagine, create and deliver spectacular live visual experiences at the highest level.

With a focus on combining real-time 3D visualisation-based software with high performance and robust hardware, they enable the delivery of challenging creative projects at scale and with confidence.

Turning concepts into reality, disguise has offices in London, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai, with technical teams across all to support customer needs, as well as sales recorded in over 50 countries.

“disguise is excited to join a community of like minded AV professionals. Besides the obvious synergies and business opportunities that will come from working more closely together, we are looking forward to being closer to other companies in the AV industry, to share insights, experiences and ways of doing things.” Fernando Kufer, CEO disguise.

Simon Ackermann, Chairman of AV Alliance, adds: We are excited to collaborate with the leading manufacturer of media server technology. The cooperation with disguise gives us the possibility to utilize the latest technology to create more stunning and memorable events for our clients worldwide.

Learn more about disguise here.