Keynote speakers

AV Alliance offers experienced keynote speakers from the audiovisual rental and production industry

Experts in event management

As an international association with broad experience our members are experts in the different fields of event management and can share insights, experiences and creative ideas how to engage your audience.

Keynote speakers that make an impact

Our members and speakers are typically founders, entrepreneurs or chief executive officers of successful and innovative audio visual rental, event design and event production companies. In total, our members have completed several hundred thousand events since the founding of AV Alliance.

While all our member companies apply the same level of international quality standards, each member is a unique AV company in our global network. The different areas of focus combined with a unique local experience and the specific personal background of each member gives you access to a range of potential keynote speakers for a variety of purposes.

Keynote speeches across a variety of exciting topics

Our members can speak to a variety of topics from event management, audience engagement to innovative event technology solutions. To give you a few ideas of potential keynote topics:

  • Audio-visual technology for events

  • Event management and event planning, including all technical aspects

  • Key-success factors for the best technical event planning concept

  • Innovation and the latest trends in the audio-visual (AV) industry

  • The power of audience engagement: Creating an impact on your audience to provide a meaningful brand experience

  • Motivational speeches

  • The opportunities of applying modern audio-visual event technology to share a meaningful brand message

  • Cultural challenges of events

  • And many more…

Below you can find our current list of experienced keynote speakers. Each keynote speaker from AV Alliance brings along many years of experience in the live entertainment industry, experience in speaking to diverse audiences across many different industries, a creative approach to engage your audience and a unique personal approach to bring your individual message across.

If you are looking for additional speakers or have different keynote topics in mind, do not hesitate to send us an email to and we will be happy to identify the right speaker for your specific purpose and type of event.

Les M. Goldberg is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Founder of LMG, LLC. His technological know-how, natural sales ability and business management skills led LMG to become an $100+ million, award-winning company specializing in show technology, systems integration and touring. Today, he continues to maintain an active role with all projects and clients and focuses on directing the vision of LMG towards future growth. He also acts as CEO of Entertainment Technology Partners, LLC, the parent company of a collection of exceptional brands within the live event and entertainment technology services industry. A father of three, husband, entrepreneur, and author, Les Goldberg has a passion for the live event industry and is dedicated to the education of innovation and best practices. Les is happy to talk about the topics:
-Innovative Technology
-Industry Best Practices

Simon Ackermann started as a journalist and regisseur. 1988 Simon founded his own TV- and Production company. In 2009 his company merged with Habegger AG, which Simon Ackermann took over in 2013. Today Simon is also acting as Managing Partner of the holding Live Matters. Simon covers the following topics:
-Live Communication, what's next?
-Event Security Technology and Trends in safeguarding live events.

Daniel Pycock has been involved in the Live Experience industry for 20 years. Starting with technical roles, evolving into project management and growing into the management of his company Visionarea. His trajectory has allowed him to acquire knowledge at many different levels and his experience which has ranged from presenter support in China, thru project management in Africa and onto presenting services in the US, as well as many other actions in between, have given him a bird's eye view of our industry around the globe. Daniel is happy to talk about the topics:
-Cultural Challenges when working globally.
-Entrepeneur: the experience of starting from zero.
-What live experiences can do.

For more information about our speakers please contact Reka Timar