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Meanwhile in the AV Industry... Drive-Ins Driving Live Events?

If there is one thing we have learned in the past weeks about the nature of the AV industry, it is that it is made of fighters.

Live Events Will Return... But When and How?

Humans do not cope well with uncertainty. It is a scientifically confirmed fact, and we have been experiencing it first-hand; with jobs, companies, sectors, and even entire industries in jeopardy, the additional stress of not knowing the whens and the hows of the future of our business - and our daily lives - makes it that much harder to keep positive in the most challenging times such as this. So what lies ahead for the event industry?

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Is Live Streaming What Your Company Needs?

Ever since the world has gone into lockdown and our day-to-day vernaculars gained new additions such as ‘social distancing’ or ‘self-isolation’, the internet has provided an abundance of tips and tricks ...

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