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An Industry on Fire: Event Companies Fight for Survival

For the event industry teetering on the point of no return, the past months brought protests, demonstrations, and continuous fight for support from governments. Here is what has happened recently in Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, the USA, and Germany!

Client Relationships in 2020: Practical Examples From The AV Alliance

Following our 12 tips for event technology professionals that can help connect with clients, here are some examples and experiences in customer relations from some of our AV Alliance members in 2020.

12 CRM Tips for Event Technology Providers in 2020

12 tips to show you why creating relationships and meaningful discussions with clients in the event business is more crucial yet much easier now than before.

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Red Alert: South Africa Lights Up to Save Its Event Industry

The event industry is declaring "red alert" to raise awareness to its fight for survival. Last week the visual protest of red lights reached South Africa.

Five Virtual Event Hosting Practices for Your Non-Tech Clients

There are five easy ways to form an even stronger relationship with your clients and creating the best virtual event they will ever host, while simultaneously increasing your production value.

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The Event Industry on Red Alert - A Flaming Appeal in Germany

On June 22 the Night of Light campaign - quite literally - sent up an emergency flare to signal the danger that threatens the livelihood of millions of people in an industry that contributed with €130 billion to the German economy annually - before the pandemic had brought it to its knees. In other words, over 8.000 companies in all segments of the event industry decided to fight back.

Meanwhile in the AV Industry... The 3 Fs of Connecting People

It’s not just the need to do business that motivates many of our AV Alliance members to explore alternate avenues such as drive-ins for live events, it’s the passion to bring people together and recreate those moments and feelings that give them true happiness, be it at a football match with friends, at a spiritual gathering, or being around their loved ones.

Going Hybrid and Beyond

What shape and form will our events have to take in the near future? Will they mostly remain virtual, or can they happen in-person on a small scale and still survive? The answer we have been looking for is: hybrid events.

Meanwhile in the AV Industry... Drive-Ins Driving Live Events?

If there is one thing we have learned in the past weeks about the nature of the AV industry, it is that it is made of fighters.

Live Events Will Return... But When and How?

It is scientifically confirmed that humans don't cope well with uncertainty. With jobs, companies, sectors, and even entire industries in jeopardy due to the coronavirus, what lies ahead for the event industry?

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Is Live Streaming What Your Company Needs?

Until that time when live events, conferences, and all-staff meetings can return, what factors other than safety are in favor of choosing live streaming over regular video calls?

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