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Your worldwide network of event and AV production companies

Our network of international event production and audiovisual rental companies provides you with local access to the latest audio visual (AV) equipment including: Event audio, event lighting, event video, event design, stage lighting, installation and event production services.

Audio visual hire from the experts

All audiovisual companies, which are members of the AV Alliance, have the latest audiovisual equipment for hire. This way you can be sure that your event, wherever it takes place around the world, has access to the best and latest event technology.

We provide a worldwide directory of the best audio visual companies

Our audio visual companies are located across six continents. Our AV warehouses cover more than 100 locations. We provide experienced and well trained AV technicians and project managers around the world. For a consistent delivery of your brand experience you have no other choice but to work with the premium members of AV Alliance

Each member is a premium audio visual company

Each of our audio visual member companies fullfils our international quality standards. In addition, each member brings a long a set of individual skills and event experience and its very own creative. Take a look at our international AV company directory and find your partner in more than 47 countries.

Global access to your local audio visual supplier

Our global directory of premium audio visual suppliers gives you access to a reliable audio visual company near you. Each AV company provides a high level of expertise, well trained AV technicians, and of course an excellent inventory of the latest event technology. Our members are able to supply you with premium audio visual equipment, creativity and all the required AV services from installation, maintenance and project management.

We are your premium network of event production companies

Each audiovisual member company in our Alliance provides you with the very latest event technology, applies industry leading know-how and utilizes its unique skills and experience to your advantage. As a base for our cooperation all our members adhere to a consistent level of service and provide a high level of professionalism. Every single audiovisual member company brings a lot of local know how on venues and other local conditions to the table. Having the members of AV Alliance work for you eliminates the cumbersome task of verifying the level of competence and the individual skills and expertise of several audiovisual companies. The AV Alliance network provides you with a selection of premium AV rental as well as event production companies and a competitive alternative to many in-house audiovisual providers.

Our AV companies provide products and services you can trust

With many years of experience our audiovisual member companiescan tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. Our members are AV and event service providers, who can easily anticipate your needs. We are well know for bringing innovative event ideas to the table right from the very start. Of course you can trust our promise: We execute events flawlessly!
Our members are committed to being your preferred audio visual partner from the start of your project. All our AV companies provide comprehensive meeting, event, and conference production services, including all rerquired technical aspects:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Staging
  • Rigging / Trussing
  • Project and event management
  • Event design
  • and in many cases also the necessary creative services for all types of live events

High client retention rates reflect our event quality standards

Our members show highest levels of client retention rates, as well as very high levels of employee retention. All those elements reflect our constand commitment to quality and reliability. Our ambition is to bring the wow-factor to each event.

We offer plenty of additional event services

We offer a lot of additional event services for your needs. From camera systems, live broadcasts to event apps. Our collaboration with several of the most respected event technology manufacturers, digital event solution companies and innovative event startups allow us to provide you with additional event services according to your event requirements. Our members make sure we got you covered from A to Z in terms or all required event products and event services.

Working with our audiovisual member companies

When you work with any of our AV companies, you can rest assured that they will:

  • Take ownership of the entire event production process, with a strong focus on all technology issues
  • Always streamline communications and costs
  • Pay attention to your bottom line and remain sensitive to your budget constraints
  • Have a great knowledge of event venues across the world

Our members create memorable event and brand experiences by providing expertise, guidance, and an extraordinary service level from start of your event planning process to finish. They manage every detail to make your life easier and bring you -as an event organizer or event producer- peace of mind. We see ourselves as reliable event productions partners you can always count on.

For event production China visit our local member: NEO.