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AV Concepts, providers of innovative event solutions.

For over 30 years, we have garnered a reputation for pushing the boundaries of event technology and AV services. As a provider of event tech solutions, our goal is to tell your story. We specialize in general sessions, keynotes, breakout AV, unique activations and presentation technology for live events. Being headquartered in the Southwest US, we’re comfortable servicing the US coast-to-coast and internationally.

    As an AV solutions provider, our team of engineers, techs, and experienced industry staff work for you, orchestrating attendee engagement and excitement. With a warehouse of over 500,000 AV components and a network of resources on hand–our experience and know-how provide precision execution. Our reliability provides confidence in your event planning and our ability to keep communication open has garnered us the reputation of earning our clients' trust. We're confident that as we plan your event, you will understand why we're an industry leader.

    Executing events with technical precision

    We offer a broad range of event AV solutions. If it’s stage and scenic design, breakout solutions or planning your next unique activation–we are your go-to partners.

    Our specialties include:

    • Keynote & general sessions
    • Breakout AV equipment
    • Stage & Scenic Design
    • Drafting & Rigging
    • Holographic Effects
    • Projection Mapping
    • Unique Activations
    • Technical Innovation
    • Content Integration
    • Project Management

    Our process is what defines our reputation–our experience creates reliability

    We begin with understanding your needs at hand. Then, we map a concept that satisfies your event message, while maximizing the event technology beyond its typical usage. Our experienced staff applies the event technology to work within the theme of your event, working to create an engaging space from room to room. We utilize the most efficient AV equipment that saves you time and money. The additional savings allow you to bring your show to new heights and give you time to concentrate on your attendees.

    Whether it’s interfacing with Technical Directors, high-level event planners, or with venues around the world, our team of engaged experts are eager to assist in taking your event to the next level. We procure a well-rounded plan by engaging our technical teams in our Solutions Center, this allows our Project and Account Managers to create the proper technical execution for on-site planning and logistics. Our internal process provides success in shows that have seen exponential growth year-over-year like Google, Oracle, and Starbucks.

    We are your expert AV solutions provider

    As AV technology continues to evolve, we continue to make strides in what’s trending in the industry... what’s new and what’s fresh. It’s how we operate and why we’ve been recognized as an industry leader. Our teams relish in taking shows to the next level with incredible enthusiasm and a love for innovation and technology in the live event space.


    BBYO engaged AV Concepts as their AV provider for their general session stage and scenic design for their annual International Convention hosted in Denver, CO.

    AV Concepts supplied stage and scenic, video, lighting, and project management services.

    Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Project management

      Cvent engaged AV Concepts as their primary AV provider for their annual meeting event: Cvent CONNECT. AV Concepts executed solutions for their general session, breakout rooms, exhibit and tradeshow floor areas.

      AV Concepts supplied stage and scenic design, video, audio, lighting and project management services.

      Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Project management

      UC San Diego hosted their Nontradition campaign fundraising event to bring attention to the school's focus in technology and innovation. AV Concepts engineered and executed the general session and activations area which included widescreen projection mapping experiences, virtual reality, RFID and holographic effects.

      Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Project management

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