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AV MEDIA EVENTS is your perfect AV&IT partner, whether in the Czech Republic or all around Europe.

Our professional team offers a full service, starting with project planning and creative design, to completing the experience with an unforgettable event.

    Every year we implement more than 2,000 events, from business training sessions to corporate congresses, or from large social events to outdoor shows. Our service portfolio includes the sale and lease of presentation technology, audiovisual system integration, IT solutions, 3D projection, printing and exhibition assistance.

    AV MEDIA projects consistently win awards in prestigious international competitions such as Best Event Awards, InAVation Awards or Czech Event Awards.


    Prague Planetarium is located in Prague's Park Stromovka. It was designed by architect Jaroslav Fragner and opened in 1960. Its dome is one of the largest in the world, with an average of 23.5 m.

    An interesting experience for us was the connection of the integrated technology available at the planetarium and ours. We made a projection that was exceptional just because of the conference venue.

    Zuzana Marková from Logio adds: “Every year, we try to make the Úl conference as interesting as possible for our customers. For this reason, we are looking for fresh spaces and we also care about the perfect audiovisual design. We decided to organize Úl19 in the Planetarium Prague, which has a new technology 'fulldome' with projection on a curved dome.

    AV Media has helped us make the screen for presentations as large as possible and has provided us with a perfect image and sound transmission. Therefore, it was not necessary to rely solely on the limited Planetarium systems to ensure our audiovisual complexity. We can't even imagine better cooperation. The event was secured with absolute professionalism and, above all with a smile, for which we thank the AV MEDIA EVENTS boys."

    Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ IT/Communications ⋅ Project management

      The 3rd edition of two-day event, which included festival, conference and exhibitions, was organized in the premises of the Industrial Palace at the beginning of September. The topic of event was clear: The Future.

      Dozens of speakers from all over the world came to Prague to speak about technology, health, mobility and other topics related to the future of humanity. A parallel conference presented regional leaders from business, industry, education and politics.

      AV MEDIA EVENTS technically provided an exhibition stand for Komerční banka. The stand looked excellent among more than one hundred exhibitors. We provided a LED wall with 3.9mm pitch. The wall was vertically curved, 6.5 meters tall and continued in the LED floor sized 63 m2. With these dimensions we can talk about the most imposing exhibition stand. It was visible from the whole hall. And what was the best about these solutions? By combination of front and bottom view to the content by Evoke Concept was created the faithful impression of real space.

      Next stand of Komerční banka demonstrated financial consulting at a distance via videoconferencing with a banker.

      Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management ⋅ Exhibit construction

      Festive unveiling of first pre-series aircraft L-39NG represented for the Czech aerospace company AERO Vodochody the greatest news of year 2018.

      Following joint definition of the event with Aero team, Technical and content preparation of whole event was organized by AV MEDIA and two other companies from oneAVteam – YVENTECH and RENTAL PRO. Dividing of LED video wall became one of the wow-effects.
      The L-39NG is an important milestone for the Aero company – it´s the first newly developed aircraft to be rolled-out from hangars after more than 20 years. Project of the aircraft refers to the conception of an ancestor L-39 Albatros from the sixties.

      The presentation of the L-39NG took place on Friday, the 12th of October 2018, at the company's premises in Odolena Voda. The event was attended by important foreign guests from several countries' military representatives, confirmed customers and the Czech political delegation headed by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. Selected participants of the festive roll-out saw a sophisticated video summarizing the development of the aircraft and its technical excellence from the comfort of a covered tribune with a heated auditorium. The program's golden highlight was the final revelation of the aircraft. It included, among the other things, the structurally challenging splitting down the LED wall in the middle to release the airplane. The L-39NG had left the hangar full of lights and artificial smoke directly in front of the audience. The LED walls on both sides were showing the ceremony in live broadcast.

      On Saturday, the program continued with an event for two thousand Aero Vodochody employees. Overall, over 2,500 people saw the roll-out in two days.

      OneAVteam has developed concept of the event together with customer and prepared and managed the whole event for the client as a turnkey project. For the first time, a creative team has also been co-ordinated for the visual side of the show using real-time 3D technology to change the content of the presentation to the last moment, which has proven to be a great success.

      Damiano Cotula, Strategy and PR Director of Aero Vodochody:
      "We have been cooperating with AV MEDIA for some years now, I am amazed by the good cooperation we have with them and their ability to understand what we need and to provide innovative solutions to meet our intent. They can provide very effective solutions, with very high quality and no less important they can deliver it at a good value for money. After the AERO L-159 ALCA event last year, the roll-out of AERO L-39NG was a success too.
      L39NG Roll out represented more than a standard Roll out. It was more than 20 years Aero was not developing a new aircraft, therefore was basically a product launch and we had also to show to the market our credibility as aircraft producer. We wanted to deliver those messages in a very innovative and effective way and AV Media has been perfect partner in this. We believe we will continue our collaboration with them based on the very good results achieved so far."

      Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ IT/Communications ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management ⋅ Simultaneous interpretation services

        New Year's Eve parties in Hilton Hotel Prague are always very sophisticated and colorful. And for us – it is always a challenge to make the next one even more spectacular and technologically complicated.

        This year, it was not any different. The main theme of the party were famous Broadway musicals, such as Sister Act, Grease or Phantom Of The Opera. The hotel lobby was suddenly full of colors of the dancers' costumes and some of the guests were even spotted singing, too! The unforgettable atmosphere was provided by the curved LED wall, 200 Robe lights, perfect audio system and other important details.

        The famous Hilton Hotel team of cooks prepared five types of dinner and even they made sure that the food harmonized with the musical theme of the night. Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge made the Chicago-style programe with the private firework, gourmand dinner and stylish music.

        AV MEDIA EVENTS in the cooperation with RENTAL PRO decided to take the challenge by installing a large stage, which was burden by 27 tons of technology and was also needed to be stiffen by the LIBERA construction. The MAXITOWER towers, that held the whole construction, even needed to be based in the hotel´s underground parking garage and it weighted another 4 tons. The stage was ready in two days, thanks to our skillful technicians. The fact, that we used the 120 m2 curved LED wall Gloshine, also helped to reach the record-breaking weight.

        120 m2 Led Gloshine suspended and curved
        50 m2 Led palami
        30 m2 Led Mirage
        Barco E2 + Ventuz XLAB
        Content XLAB


        • 200 pcs Robe lights / ROBE ROBIN 600 LED WASH /W / ROBE LED BEAM 150/ ROBE ROBIN 600 BEAM /W/ ROBE SPIIDER /ROBE ROBIN POINTE /W/ ROBE MMX BLADE/ ROBE CityFlex 48/ ROBE BMFL Blade/ ROBE CitySkape Xtreme RGBCW /W/ ROBE LED BEAM 1000/ ROBE Strobe
        • 2x grandMA2 light


        • L-Acoustics Kiva/Kilo/Syva/5XT/12XT
        • Digital microphones Shure
        • Intercom GreenGo


        • Construction LIBERA of the width of 15 m on 14 MAXITOWER towers used in an atypical indoor space
        • 32 motors
        • Based on the Layher construction, which helped to manage the vertical drop

        Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ IT/Communications ⋅ Project management

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