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We focus on working together with our clients and delivering services of the highest quality with passion and commitment, so that each event is a unique experience.
We setup and run each event emphasizing the following values:

    • ORDER, AESTHETIC AND DETAILS, in each event.
    • COMMITMENT, with our clients.
    • PASSION, for our work.
    • PROFESSIONALISM, in all our services.
    • TEAMWORK, human quality is our greatest value.


    A couple of years ago the “Centro de Convenciones de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires”, mostly known as “CEC” opened it’s doors. Our enterprise is the exclusive AV provider at this center.

    Last year we had a new challenge, the: “Musimundo Gaming Week”; an amazing event were hundreds of young boys and girls played live battles of their favorite video games, the aim was to win the final price (a lot of money!).

    The event took place at the rooms A, B and C. The center counts with 3 main rooms, each one can hold approximately 1.500 people. So, imagine how big this event was!

    Sound System: A Nexo STM was installed from hanging spots and also a Nexo M6, both linked.

    Audio in stage involved: 2 lines for DJ, 2 Sound systems for the Games, Speck, 5 Handheld mics, 5 Heaset mics, 2 In EAR for Casters ,2 Sound systems for Playstation, 2 systems for Switch and 1 per Streamimg.

    The main screen was a LED of 24 x 4 m, pitch 3. It was set up with a layher structure of 23,86 m front x 2,57 depth x 6 m tall. Everything was dressed up with a black drape so no structure was visible, it was really a very neat work.

    In the middle of the room projectors and screens hanged from different spots so that sponsors and transmission of the games could be seen by everyone at the Center.

    We counted with Cameras and directors through all the event, streaming and recording were super important.

    The decoration of this space was possible thanks to the enormous amount of illumination equipment we used such us: Leekos, Stormers, robotic beams, Master par and more!

    Arcade Games, stands, people wearing costumes and promoters were everywhere. It worked for 3 complete days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Finally, in order to make the event work a stable internet connection was needed. We manage to provide Wifi and also direct connectivity and the event worked out without trouble.

    Once more a very complete and satisfactory work to do!

    Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ IT/Communications ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management

    From March 20 to 22 we fully organized the Second United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation (PABA + 40) at the Buenos Aires Convention & Exhibition Center.

    Technical details:

    • 5 conference rooms
    • Press room
    • +500 #DICENTIS conference microphones from Bosch Security and Safety Systems
    • 2200 #INTEGRUS receivers from Bosch Security and Safety Systems
    • 15 interpreter booths with the new #DICENTIS Interpreters Desk from Bosch Security and Safety Systems
    • 80m2 of Absen 3.9 LED display
    • 8 Epson 12,000 projectors
    • NEXO STM, GEO and M6 line array sound system
    • IT & Wifi for more than 2000 attendees
    • Conference Lighting

    Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ IT/Communications ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management ⋅ Simultaneous interpretation services ⋅ Exhibit construction

    This year we worked at a brand new event of one of our most loyal customers: “IDEA”. It took place at “La Usina del Arte”, which used to be an Electricity Company built between 1912 and 1916. Nowadays it belongs to the government and it’s a space where lots of festivals take place and also some private events.

    We worked with a very limited amount of time as we also had one day to set up 4 big rooms and the Foyer. It was crazy but we made it work!

    At the entrance we set up LED TVs were the agenda of the event could be seen, each TV had the updated agenda of the day. Agendas were controlled from a main PC and they could be changed whenever the client asked for it, no USB needed!

    At “La Nave Mayor”, an open space on the first floor, we had a 10 x 3 m LED screen plus cue-light, prompter, video process, sound system and of course lights. This space worked as a plenary with speakers most of the time but also it was the place where people had lunch. We build a small LED screen of 4 x 2,5 m for a stand as well.

    Upstairs we had the “Sala de Cámara”, a small auditorium where we set up a 8 x 4 m curved LED screen plus all the additionals corresponding to video data. This room counted with mics and a Nexo sound system that worked beautifully.

    Down stairs we had our Star, a curve and counter-curve LED screen with whom everyone wanted to take a picture with. This place, as Nave Mayor, was an open space, a Foyer, but also worked as room cause lots of talks and activities took place here.

    Last but not least we had the Auditorium called “Sala Sinfónica”, a very large room for 1.500 people. Here was were magic happened, we had not only 60 m2 of LED screen at stage but also we created the “WOW” moment of the day were a mapping of the stage was made making the audience feel that the floor was alive. Also we counted with Nexo Sound System, lights and lots of microphones.

    Making a quick add up we had 175 m2 of LED screen for a month inside this building!

    The event lasted a whole week, set up was done on a Monday and from Tuesday till Friday la Usina del Arte was working with IDEA and us.

    At this event we did not only worked on the technical aspects but also our designers created the contents.

    Overall it was a very hard working experience but also it left us with a very big smile to see our costumer amazed with our work and the response of the audience was a 100% positive.

    Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ IT/Communications ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management

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