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MoSound Events is a Nairobi based full service Event Production,Creative and Management Company.
Since 2004, we have been in the heart of the events and entertainment industry, growing to becoming one of the most reputable and respected Events Agency in the region where we have delivered innovative and memorable brand experiences with tremendous impact. We are recognized for unique creative design, insightful strategy,innovative event technologies and exceptional execution for both local and international brands for which we have crafted and implemented numerous events and brand experiences.


East Africa’s premier talent show has been all the rave for the past few months. We take immense pride in having been part of this major production’s stage design and rigging,sound and lighting and pretty much every nitty gritty that went into the success of EAGT.

Lighting ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics

The biggest award show this side of the Sahara boasts of Mosound Event’s 360 degree involvement in all its bits of production. Given its utterly renowned nature, it calls for top-notch production and who better to rise to that occasion than Mosound Events. Annually,we prevail over the 360 aspect of the award show.

Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management ⋅ Simultaneous interpretation services

They are one of the biggest groups in the world, and obviously accustomed to the big stages. We rose to the occasion and took control over: sound, creative design, lighting, stage and set rigging.

Lighting ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Event design

    Mosound Events went all out with this premier beer event. Upon entrance, the state-of-the-art LED lights illuminated Ngong Racecourse a good deal! Not to mention that our esteemed and competent team that saw to it that we deliver a 360 degree service. The stage rigging was exceptional to say the very least. Then there was the video playback and creative design for the win!

    Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management

      It is one of Kenya’s biggest musical productions. Jazz has its own select audience,presumably an upmarket demographic that is predictably cognizant to refined tastes. We take over its: lighting,sound,stage set/rigging and creative design. We have had constant partnership with Safaricom Jazz since inception,and that speaks loads of their belief in our service.

      Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management

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