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SEG - We do much more. We are ONE STOP SHOP Rental Partner - AV, Set Design, Furniture Rental, Decoration, Event Venue, Design & Concept Lab, System Integration,

SEG (formerly known as Special Events Group) is a leading provider of specialised services for the event industry in Bulgaria & Austria. The company offers a broad portfolio of services such as providing technical equipment, set & stage design, furniture, decoration, creating events’ concept, 3D projects, technical team, decorators and arrangers, graphic designers, 3D designers. SEG is the owner of Sofia Event Center ( which is one of the largest event locations in Sofia. To the above mentioned services, the company offers in its portfolio also consultancy & sale of equipment for conference , office & public rooms & full range of system integration ( Audio, Video,Lighting,IT) .
We are :
         • perfectionists - we elaborate things to the smallest details
         • innovators - create unique concepts which integrate new technologies
         • trendsetters – we set the direction of the development of the event business in Bulgaria
         • a reliable partner - creating long-term relationships with our customers
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    For the “20 years METRO in Bulgaria” Metro Cash and Carry engaged us to organize and provide all the technical equipment and set design for the event.
    We created the idea and developed the concept. Our design department visualized the project and our technical and stage teams made it reality.
    The main stage was made with 14 m long curved led wall surrounded with stage backdrop with total size of 200 m2. The content for the led wall was played with Watchout system.
    We had 4 additional screens which provided the possibility for everyone in the hall to see what is happening on the stage.
    Audio was made with Line array system L-acoustics Kara with additional loudspeakers and digital mixing console.
    We provided cameras and cameramen. Video recording and live streaming on the screens was managed with digital video mixer.
    Also we had lighting equipment and lighting control.
    All of the technical equipment was made and controlled by our technical team.
    The whole design was made in the way to communicate all Metro’s corporate colors and policy.
    We supplied the branding of the whole place with print materials and technical equipment.
    Also we provided all the furniture for stage and promotion zones, carpet in corporate color for the foyer and big photocall for guests to have pictures.
    Our team communicated with Intercom system.

    Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management

      For the 49 congress which Bulgarian Socialist Party holds in the National Palace of Culture we supplied technical equipment and stage elements and concept idea, project management and of course technical and stage teams as well.
      The screen was made with 210 m2 curved Led wall controlled by Watchout system. Our design team created the idea and visualization of the holding slides for the screens, all graphics and themes and our video technicians integrated the client’s materials in the software.
      We supplied plasma displays in covers, rigging and lighting, furniture for stage, branding and pre-processing as well.
      On the stage we installed customized furniture for main table and lectern.

      Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management

        CPX 360 Vienna World Cyber Security Summit - SEG Group was selected as a general contractor for the execution of this exciting and challenging project.
        We provided technical equipment for the General Session (5000 guests were in the hall) – wide screen 30 m long and 9 m high and several Barco UDX 4K 30k lumens projectors.
        We supplied technical equipment, furniture and set design for the Big Stage, Gala Dinner, and Breakout Rooms. For the Expo City we provided 50 stands, contemporary furniture and special areas with 500 seats in total. Over 100 tons of equipment, scenic décor and furniture, 80 + SEG team involved in the project.

        Technical equipment:

        Main room:
        LAcoustics KARA, Yamaha CL5 with RIO3224II, Shure wireless microphone system
        Media control: Barco Encore + Dataton Watchout 6 + Edirol V800MKII
        Projection: Barco UDX 4K 30k lumens projectors for main screen, HDX-W20 for side screens
        Signal transmission: Lightware Fiber extenders and matrix switching
        Filming: Panasonic HD cameras, Blackmagic distribution and control
        Roadhog 4 console
        Robe & ClayPaky lights

        Satellite sessions:
        PA, Video & Lighting - QSC sound/ Panasonic projection/ AV Stumpfl screens

        Rigging, Lighting, DJ & ambient sound

        Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ IT/Communications ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management ⋅ Exhibit construction

          For the launch of Phillip Morris new product - IQOS (a tobacco heating system that uses real tobacco) we created the idea, made the concept, visualized it, created and produced the entire artistic, technical and stenographic concept of the show.
          The concept of the event was built around the five IQOS colors. We created 5 different zones (gold, silver, white, hologram/main stage, stage made with led wall) which appeared in the hall one after other and focused the guests' attention on themselves. After the disclosure of the zones 360 degree projection started on the walls.
          Everything from the scratch, through the idea for the decoration of the hall, how to connect the different colors of IQOS with different zones in the hall, the production of each décor and decoration, appropriate sound, light for the show, video, editing, photo, was made by us.
          The event place where the launch of the product was held is our own location – Sofia Event Center.
          We created a 360 degrees surrounding atmosphere with 24 DLP projectors Panasonic controlled by software Watchout. Also provided 250 m 2 led wall for backdrop and led modules hanged on the ceiling. Another 18 m2 led wall were used for floor and tables.
          Special stage for performers was made entirely with led wall for backdrop, for ceiling and for floor so the dancers could dance over it. The content which played on the wall was specially produced and recorded for the show.
          Our 3D holographic projection at the main stage was a stunning experience for the audiences. Four professional dancers created an interactive dance combined with the projection which was played on the hologram.
          Also we’ve made mapping on the bar with special content combined again with interactive dance.
          Audio system was presented by Line Array System controlled with a digital mixer and additional Dynacord loudspeakers, monitors for performers, hand microphones and headsets and equipment for instruments.
          We supplied lighting system for the main stage, for all the different zones in the hall, in the expo hall, the foyer and on the terrace as well. The total number of the different lighting devices was more than 230 pieces – led pars, Arri, Martin 205 Entour, Martin 250 Wash, Martin 575 Krypton, Glee beam 230, Nuoma Zoom Wash, Liteless Big Eye L10R, etc.
          We supplied more than 500 linear meters Eurotruss FD34.
          Live streaming and video recording were part of the services.
          In the foyer we’ve made a special entrance with curtains from ceiling to the floor which presented star sky. Gold table with mirror with candles and flowers over it surrounded with 60 golden sticks and arch of crystals were the main accents that stopped the views of the guests. Special mirror arch and Mirror bar with mirror wall and plants behind were part of the attractive and unique elements made specially for the event.
          When you go out on the terrace you fall into an icy fairy tale with big ice bar where you can get special drink and unique dessert made at a very low temperature. Everything on the terrace was made with ice - Ice Curtain, Champagne ice, Ice vase, Ice Fruit plate. Тhe floor was covered with white carpet and installation with white branches and glass milled drops were hanged on the ceiling in the large tent.
          Gold zone was in the middle of the hall. It was made from on big circle bar with 150 gold sticks in the middle. Each stick had a little led light at the end. Gold bar chairs surrounded the bar.
          Silver zone or the graphite corner represented 8 rotating mirrors which were put over special mechanism. Furniture in the silver color and silver flowers our florists painted for the party.
          White zone was made with 4500 small plastic spheres with led light in each and big lighting bar under the construction with the balls.
          For the whole production we used over 470 different types of tables, chairs, armchairs, bar chairs and lounge furniture.
          In the production took part over 15 departments and more than 350 people – director of the event, creative director, technicians – sound engineers, video director, cameraman, lighting technicians, riggers, stagehand, designers – 3D and 2D, decorators, stage workers, florists, project managers, accounting, transportation.
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          Lighting ⋅ Video ⋅ Audio ⋅ Rigging ⋅ Staging ⋅ Logistics ⋅ IT/Communications ⋅ Event design ⋅ Project management ⋅ Exhibit construction

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