Next to the latest audio visual products for hire our network gives you access to an unparalled amount of event expertise and audio visual experience

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Our expertise and experience provides you with a quality level that simply makes you feel comfortable. With AV Alliance you get access to a premium AV company directory with members that deliver the best solutions you can find in the event technology and live entertainment industry. Work with proven and experienced event technology partners you can trust.

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We apply stringent international quality standards to make your event a success

All of our members are carefully selected and audited to ensure they meet international standards and ultimately your high expectations. All of our audio visual member companies fullfil an extensive set of alliance requirements.

Professional services

Each member offers audio visual rentals along with technical support services for event productions

High quality products

Each member has an extensive inventory of the latest technology that is maintained to the highest standards

High level of support

Each member offers local installation, engineering, operational support and storage services

Access to local equipment

Each member operates a local warehouse that allows the quick and reliable dispatch of the audio-visual equipment. This way we ensure you have direct access to the best equipment, reducing logistics and passing cost savings on to you.

Local staff and expertise

Each member employs at least five full-time technical experts, which handle our state-of-the-art technology with much experience and ensure your event will run smoothly.

We speak your language

Each member is able to submit offers in English and has technical support specialists who can communicate in English. Our language skills allow us to cater for international clients and to fully understand your needs.

Transparent offers

Each member is able to submit offers listing individual products, including descriptions and prices. We comply with international bidding and RFP standards and make our work fully transparent.

Proven expertise

Each member can provide performance certificates, a portfolio of existing references and has been active in the market for at least five years. Each member has a positive Dun & Bradstreet rating (www.dnb.com). We ensure you can work with reliable event technology specialists that you can fully trust.

Easy invoicing

Each member is able to offer and invoice its services in EUR or USD. This way you don't have to worry about exchange rates, allowing you a straightforward financial planning of your event.

Local mobility

Each member possesses its own vehicle fleet. Access to local mobilit solutions allows us to react to operational changes quickly, giving you the flexibility you need for your event, conference or meeting.

AV Alliance, the global network of leading AV and event equipment rental companies has helped me to find just the right partner for our important congress in Istanbul. I was extremely happy with the recommended company (Consys) and would use AV Alliance anytime again to find competent, reliable and competitive partners from their network all over the world

Iris Hildebrand – Deployment Manager Ernst & Young AG Zurich, Switzerland

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With the global network of AV Alliance it doesn't matter whether you plan a corporate meeting, a conference, an exhibition, a sports event or any other type of show. Our experienced members have the expertise, knowledge and technical equipment to create a stunning brand experience for you, no matter where your event takes place in the world.

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