Our startup program for startup companies from the live events industry

AV Alliance launches future:lab program and invites startups and entrepreneurs to participate

AV Alliance announces the launch of a new initiative to identify, promote, mentor and help develop the next generation of event technology and event production companies. Startup companies from anywhere in the world can apply for a cooperation with AV Alliance. AV Alliance is able to promote startups and young companies in four unique ways:

  • AV Alliance members may consider financial investments into startup companies
  • Our experienced members can easily mentor young startups and their management team
  • AV Alliance members can do early product tests in their labs or in real live situations
  • The AV Alliance network can serve as a great distribution platform for new products and services, especially for modern digital solutions that contrtibute to a positive development of live events

The criteria for companies that wish to participate is that they have to have a technology product in development or have a minimum viable product (MVP) in place, which they can demonstrate or have launched in the marketplace. Both software (digital) and hardware products are considered for the initiative with a focus on technology and software solutions that serve or connect to the live entertainment and live event industry.

Benefits for participating startups

Successful applicants will be able to get advice from experienced experts on their product/service proposition and development; pointing startups in the right direction. Mentors from the AV Alliance network are available to meet with startups and there will also be the potential to trial suitable technologies in live situations at real events around the globe. The startup products and services can also aim at back office activities, logistics and other event related tasks, such as broadcasting, streaming etc. The mentors are looking for startups in a variety of areas, from production and logistics, event marketing and management, attendee engagement to new ideas for lighting, video and audio products. Mentors include Leko Novakovic from Novatech Creative Event Technology in Australia, Oliver Lembke from Limelight in Germany, Peter Muller from Specialeffects Hungary, Evan Goldschlag from VCI in Los Angeles as well as Simone Petitti and Nicola D'Amore from the Eventi-X group in Italy. A new aspect of this startup program also gives interested startup companies and other entrepreneurs the option to be included in the AV Alliance "Hot Show". This show is a curated presentation by the chairman of AV Alliance, which is shared at one of our global meetings, giving startups the option of getting a highly valuable presentation to the largest, global network of audiovisual production and rental companies.

Startups are invited to join the initiative

Applications for this new initiative are welcome and startup companies can simply contact our representatives below by email. Selected applicants will get a chance to present their product to the AV Alliance at our upcoming meeting in 2018 and 2019. The program is coordinated by Alexander Fuchs (, General Manager AV Alliance, who is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Alexander believes there is a strong need to identify startups with fresh ideas whose new technologies can enhance events and the event companies that organize them.

Simone Petitti, CEO of Eventi-x, is delighted to be a part of the future:lab program of AV Alliance. He believes in the power of the idea and he’s proud to support young companies to help build their success. In addition to Simone, the Art Director Nicola D’Amoresays “without new ideas, creativity and imagination it’s impossible to be a part of the future, and we are proud to support the startup, to leave an indelible mark in our industry“

Event technology veteran Simon Ackermann from the Habegger AG in Switzerland is excited that AV Alliance will support young companies in giving them direction and expert support for their product development. The 67 members of AV Alliance can offer real-world experiences having delivered to all types of clients in event industry for many years. AV Alliance is looking forward to seeing how the startup solutions can deliver value, enhance experiences or drive additional data & insights for the live events and AV industry.

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